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"Having worked in the Mental Healthcare field and having many friends and acquaintances  who are Mental Healthcare providers; I had little hope of finding a therapist I felt I could work with.  However, finding Rebecca was one of the best things that has happened in my life.  Rebecca holds all qualities expected in a therapist, empathy, knowledge of her field and a keen sense of tailoring her approach to the situation.  Add a sense of humor and viola a perfect therapist.  A year ago I could not have imagined the degree of improvement in my mental health; working with Rebecca has made the difference.  I would highly recommend her service to anyone who is in need."

"This past year has been one of the hardest in my life and with Rebecca's help I can say I'm feeling stronger. She is a life saver. She knows how to get me thinking right again."

"I began seeking assistance regarding mental health with Rebecca Delong about two yrs ago.  During that time I have found her style to be very unassuming, compassionate, flexible and sincere.   Her dedication to my care has left me feeling as though she really cared even after our hour was up.  I feel Rebecca has made a distinct difference in my state of mind and ability to manage my needs.  Her openness and willingness to work with my particular quirks and communication style has left me confident I can talk to her about anything in a way I don't have to adjust to make her feel comfortable.  That is a huge benefit.  I would freely recommend her for any friend or family member.

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